Llandecwyn Church

If you look out the window from the kitchen you can see a small church in the middle of nowhere on the hillside opposite. This walk takes you there and has stunning views all the way. Take the OL18 map.

  1. Turn left out of the front door and go down the High Street, across the main road past the Griffin pub and continue down to Penrhyndeudraeth (Network Rail) station. Turn left at the station.
  2. Continue across the bridge and keep going until you reach a cross roads at the A496.  Go straight across into a residential street.
  3. Continue up the hill, and look for a white house on your left the first bend. Take the signposted footpath (“Llwybr Cyhoeddus”) off to your left down a track (it looks like someone’s driveway, but it really is a footpath!). If it’s been raining a lot, you could avoid the potentially muddy part by carrying straight on up the hill here and just doing a simple out-and-back walk. If you do this, keep going straight on, and turn left when you get to a junction with a telephone box, then left again when you get to a lake.)
  4. Follow the footpath as it starts off level and then starts to climb steeply following the electricity pylons up to the top of the hill. Stop for breath and enjoy the views behind you!
  5. When you reach the top, the path goes to the right (but to your left there’s a decent spot for a picnic by the reservoir). Continue on this path along a wide track to come to the Llandecwyn church.
  6. Continue along the lane past the church, and you’ll soon come to a small lake (another great picnic spot!).
  7. Turn right here, keeping the lake on your left.
  8. When you come to a junction with a telephone box, turn right and continue straight on this road, bringing you back down into the residential area where you left the road on the way up.
  9. When you get to the A496, cross over (signposted Porthmadog) and return to Penrhyn the way you came, across the bridge, turning right when you get to Penryhndeudraeth (Network Rail) station and on up the hill to Idris Bach cottage.